Do you know the best sports to do in summer? We give you the keys at Agora International School Andorra

Sport is the best ally of children’s wellbeing. If we know for sure that sporting activity considerably improves our children’s health… Why should we invite them to stop practising it during the summer holidays?

For many years, many scientific studies have shown the benefits of regular physical activity to improve the development, wellbeing and health of children, as well as adults and the elderly. In addition, there are many resources available to us to get children involved in a specific sport, or to get them to do the hour of physical activity per day recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Establishing daily routines, even without losing them during the summer holidays, is essential so that they do not lose the habit. And something very important is to let them choose the sport where they feel comfortable and where they feel they fit in. An example of how this tip works is the story of Sandra Sánchez, the current Olympic gold medallist in karate at the Tokyo Olympics: in several interviews she has told how, when she was very young, she was enrolled in ballet, unlike her brother, who was sent to karate classes. Since then, she has worked hard to get herself signed up for karate, in an attempt to prove that she was as capable as her brother and that dancing was not her thing. Since then, she has continued to grow in sport.

Moreover, in order for children to take a real liking to a sport, it is necessary to approach it as a playful activity, free of pressure and competition.

Sports to practice in summer

However, we are in the middle of the summer holidays and the extracurricular classes have given way to long days of rest and free time with friends and family. In addition, the high temperatures that characterise the summer season are great enemies of physical activity because, in themselves, they cause tiredness and laziness.

However, summer does not have to be the time of the year when sports are not played. Children can continue to play sport and, in fact, should do so because the benefits can be seen in the long term. As the Spanish Heart Foundation shows, for example, practising some kind of sport will considerably improve children’s agility, reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure, among other things. And, without going any further, it is the number one enemy of obesity.

There are sports designed for the winter season (such as skiing or snowboarding), others that can be practised all year round and others that are also worth practising in summer, while you enjoy your well-deserved holidays.

Do you want to know which are the best sports to practice in summer? Here are some examples:

  • Swimming: we are aware that there are heated pools and, in fact, at Agora International School Andorra we encourage swimming throughout the school year. However, summer is synonymous with swimming in the pool and, probably, we will go with them to a municipal pool. Or to a pool or beach where they can swim non-stop. We can suggest swimming through a game: races between us, ten minutes doing lengths in different strokes… In fact, swimming is one of the children’s favourite sports.
  • Surfing: It is, without a doubt, the quintessential summer sport (although there are many who practice it all year round). Surfing is perfect for children between X and X years old. According to Sara Tarrés, author of Mamá Psicóloga Infantil, its benefits include: improving coordination and balance, toning certain muscle groups and promoting ecological awareness.
  • Canoeing: canoeing is quite a complete sport, as it works almost all muscle groups. There are plenty of schools along rivers and beaches that either offer courses or can rent out canoes for you to practise freestyle.
  • Beach volleyball: as well as building castles, playing non-stop games and even a game of paddleball, the sand on the beach is great for playing beach volleyball, a sport that will feature prominently in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The equipment the kids will need is not much: a net and a volleyball. And the benefits, however, are many: it allows greater socialisation, works many muscle groups and can be practised outdoors.

If you are going to practice any of these sports, don’t forget the recommendations to protect yourself from the sun: plenty of sun protection, a cap or hat (whenever possible) and sunglasses for your eyes.

19 / 08 / 21