Primary Education

During the Primary stage we focus on developing positive academic and personal habits, which our pupils acquire naturally and easily as they move along their educational journey. We promote independence, critical-thinking, proactivity and responsibility, as well as collective values ​​such as cooperation, teamwork, respect and tolerance. We also focus on skills such as effective communication, conflict resolution and decision making.

Throughout Primary we build on the foundations established in Early Years to help our pupils to develop the following skills and values:

  • Integrated development through critical reasoning: pupils become able to form their own opinions and take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Positive relationship building: individual tutorials create a safe and open environment for pupils and maintain good communication with families.
  • Good study habits and conflict resolution tools: students learn to solve everyday problems in the classroom and situations arising in everyday life.
  • Fluency and confidence in three languages: English, Spanish and French. Catalan is introduced at the end of Early Years.
  • Creative skills: art, music and drama projects provide excellent opportunities for students to connect with their creativity.
  • Physical fitness and well-developed motor skills: our physical education programme and education in values take full advantage of the exceptional location and quality of our sports facilities.

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