Our curriculum and Key Stages

Our curriculum is designed to enable our students to become informed and responsible young people, with an understanding of the issues and challenges of today’s world. Our aim is to ensure that the education our pupils receive at Agora International School Andorra will provide them with the tools they need to shape their own futures, and to step out onto the global stage with the knowledge, skills and motivation to make the world a better place.

Agora International School Andorra provides a broad, balanced and multilingual curriculum from Early Years to Post 16 and our students receive exceptional teaching along with the individual support and guidance that they need to achieve academic success. Our senior students have access to a university orientation and mentoring programme in order to help them to establish appropriate goals, and a work experience scheme to introduce them to the reality of the world of work.


Educational Stages

Early Years

The Early Years phase of education plays a key role in the learning process, and it is at this stage that we lay the foundations for a child’s future academic life. We focus on English, art, music, developing emotional intelligence, and engaging in creative play.

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During the Primary stage, in addition to providing a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy, we work on consolidating personal and social skills, including working both independently and as part of small groups and teams. Children begin to learn how to think critically and solve problems, and how to take initiative and develop a sense of personal and collective responsibility.

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In Secondary School, our aim is to provide students with the skills they need to become critical, analytical and rational thinkers, helping them to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, build up their knowledge base, develop greater maturity and become actively engaged in the school community, both academically and socially.

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When students reach Baccalaureate, they can choose to study the Spanish Baccalaureate (LOMCE) or the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP), a prestigious degree recognized by the best universities in the world that develops in students the key skills for their full development in an international context.

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High Performance Sport

Students at Agora International School Andorra who are pursuing their sport to a high level, or who are considering a career in sport, can join our high-performance sports programmes, which allow pupils to combine an intensive sports training programme with their academic studies. We run technical programmes in Skiing and Football, ensuring that each student’s academic programme is compatible with their training requirements, and that additional support is available in line with their individual needs.

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