Music and Expression

Music and Expressive Arts form an integral part of a child’s development and provide enormous cognitive and personal benefits, enhancing communication skills and building confidence and self-esteem. A broad musical education encourages our pupils to develop intrinsic skills such as the ability to work hard, concentrate, to be self-disciplined and to understand that improvement and excellence comes with practice, hard work and teamwork. At Agora International School Andorra, the arts and music play a central role in the school’s curriculum, and that’s why we are Trinity Music Exams official examination centre.

Our Music curriculum is designed to offer our students an active and engaging musical experience. Our pupils begin music classes in Early Years (aged 3-5) and continue throughout Primary, where they get the opportunity to learn the violin.

In order to facilitate violin lessons, we have an arrangement with the Rapsodia Marrugat music shop which enables pupils to buy or rent an instrument at reduced rates. During Early Years, children can also start learning the piano, and ukuleles and percussion instruments are used in Music classes.

We believe that creative and performing arts are fundamental to providing a broad and balanced education, enhancing intellectual capacity, encouraging children to think independently and helping them to explore their creativity, imagination, artistic sensibility and emotions. The school offers comprehensive programmes in the artistic, expressive and visual arts, including music, painting and drawing, helping our students to create, explore and innovate.

Art and creativity play an important role in the all-round education of students at Agora International School Andorra. We believe that arts subjects provide a powerful vehicle through which students can express their thoughts, emotions, and feelings and share their personal view of the world. Creative arts are an effective learning tool and encourage creativity, self-discipline and understanding, whilst improving children’s ability to express themselves through imaginative, reflective and critical thought. Arts subjects allow students to connect with their feelings and emotions and can help them find strategies to deal with challenging situations that they might encounter in other areas of their lives.

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