Technological innovation

In today’s world, a solid foundation in technology is essential for our students to succeed in their chosen careers and so technology forms an important and integral part of life at Agora Andorra International School. Technology offers numerous benefits as an educational tool; activities such as programming and coding provide students with numerous opportunities to exercise their problem-solving, critical-thinking and creative skills. New technologies provide multiple teaching and learning resources, and we feel that learning to use technology safely and responsibly is an essential skill in today’s digital world.

Gavea Project

GAVEA (Virtual Classroom Management for Academic Excellence) is a project designed by Globeducate which uses tablets, digital whiteboards and other interactive materials to provide a stimulating resource for use in the classroom. When used responsibly, technology can improve and enrich the learning experience, assist cognitive development, encourage cooperative and individual learning and help students to acquire the digital skills that they will need in the future.


Computer Science

Computer science is taught throughout all stages of our curriculum from Early Years to Post 16, and we believe that in today’s world it is extremely important that young people have a good level of computer literacy. Students are taught programming skills (coding) and learn how to develop and manage simple programs and applications. Programming encourages students to embrace the endless possibilities offered by today’s technology and helps to provide them with the tools that they will need to succeed in the highly technical professional environments that they are likely to encounter in the future.


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