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Anniversary of the Agora family


A few days ago we had a very special celebration and we would like to thank you all for your participation in the Agora International School family event. 50 years have passed since the birth of the first Agora International School, and the Agora educational project has grown a lot, becoming a benchmark in the […]

Practice fine motor skills


As time goes by, children will acquire skills, the result of their development, which will allow them to adapt as much as possible to this world and become totally independent of their attachments. We are talking about mental skills, but also physical ones: they will learn to eat on their own, to walk, to grasp […]

How to prepare for back to school?


The 2021-2022 academic year is just around the corner. We are just a few days away from welcoming all our students to Agora International School Andorra. Now begins what is known as the ‘cost of September’ with its expenses, the return to routine after the holidays, the adaptation period, and all the new things. But […]

The best summer sports

Communication Sports

Sport is the best ally of children’s wellbeing. If we know for sure that sporting activity considerably improves our children’s health… Why should we invite them to stop practising it during the summer holidays? For many years, many scientific studies have shown the benefits of regular physical activity to improve the development, wellbeing and health […]

Nature and summer: a perfect combination


Did you know that in some countries around the world doctors prescribe nature walks to treat certain conditions such as anxiety, depression or stress? This is the case in Japan where this practice is known as ‘shirin yoku’ or ‘forest bathing’. A millenary technique that advocates giving a chance to the benefits of the connection […]

Education and high-performance sport


Have you ever stopped to think about the benefits of combining education and high-performance sport in the same school? At Agora International School Andorra we’ve been doing it for years and we know, first-hand, what they all are. Following the publication of his book ‘Metamorphosis’, Albert Álvarez, athlete and professional pole vaulter, has spoken out […]

The value of friendship


Friendship is a fundamental value at any stage of life and at all ages, but in adolescence, friends play a very important role in maturity development. “Each new friend we win in the race of life perfects and enriches us even more by what he discovers of ourselves than by what he gives us of […]

This is our residence


Respect, conviviality and an experience based on internalization: these are some of the advantages offered by our boarding program. Our residence is the perfect choice for students looking for an innovative and enriching educational experience. Who is our boarding program for? The residence of Agora International School Andorra is aimed at students between 9 and […]

Managing Emotions


Educating does not only consist in teaching knowledge and instilling good learning habits, but also in guiding, encouraging and leading students in the entire process involved in growing up and living through the different stages and moments they will face in their lives. A teacher’s task involves much more than just covering the various subjects […]

The International Baccalaureate (IB)


The International Baccalaureate® (English acronym IB) offers a forward-thinking educational model that undoubtedly makes a difference. What are the advantages of studying for the IB at Agora International School Andorra? The International Baccalaureate® is a two-year, pre-university course aimed at students aged from 16 to 19 years old. IB courses are academically rigorous and are […]

Home learning


In a recent interview for the blog of The Pie, a reference in international education, Globeducate Chief of Education, Daniel Jones, reflects on the rapid transition we have experienced towards home learning and how the previous experience of the educational group, with prestigious online schools in Canada or France and centers in Rome and Milan, […]

Globeducate and WWF collaboration

Communication Values

An exciting partnership between Globeducate and WWF will impact on the education of more than 25,000 young people and their wider communities. Globeducate is one of the leading K-12 international schools’ groups in the world, with more than 50 schools in 10 countries, and has launched a global agenda for change: an agenda that prepares […]

Welcome to Globeducate


NACE Schools was founded in 1972 and since then it has seen consistent expansion. Starting in Spain, our network has spread across Europe, Canada, India and most recently Malaysia. We now have more than 50 schools in 10 countries, educating more than 25,000 students. We are truly a global network and a leader in international […]

Inicio curso 2018-2019


Comenzamos un nuevo curso lleno de novedades y con mucha ilusión por volver a ver a nuestros chicos, los de siempre y lo que se incorporan este año al cole. Algunas de las novedades que os vais a encontrar durante el curso son: UNIFORMES ¡Este curso estrenamos uniformes!  Para aquellos alumnos que posean prendas del […]

New brand and an international educational project for the Col·legi


Yesterday, April 19, during the meeting of parents, we learned the great news: The formerly known as Col·legi del Pirineu reaches a new stage as Agora International School Andorra, under the umbrella of the prestigious educational group NACE Schools. The school redefines its educational project, with an international focus, an ambitious linguistic project and the […]

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