Boarding School

Agora Andorra International School offers a residential programme for international students aged from 9 to 18, who choose to take advantage of the benefits of studying in Andorra for a full academic year, or for one or two terms. Our International Boarding House accommodates up to 50 pupils and is staffed by two permanent house parents who live with the students and are on hand at all times. Like the school itself, Agora Andorra International School’s boarding house is located in a beautiful natural environment at an altitude of 1,250 metres above sea level and just 10 minutes from the ski slopes.

Agora Andorra International School’s residential facility enables boarders to work, study and spend their recreational time with students from many different nationalities, which provides enormous advantages for personal, social and cultural development. Boarders have access to our multilingual education programme, with daily immersion in Spanish, English and French, and can sit for officially recognised language exams and for the dual Spanish-American High School Diploma. Boarders can also sign up for our high-performance sports programmes in order to combine their academic studies with exceptionally high-quality sports training.

Boarding Programmes

Our international residents and boarders form an integral and important part of our school community. Living and studying with other young people different nationalities, provides a really unique and enriching opportunity for social and cultural exchange. Students get to converse and study in Spanish, English and French and can choose to prepare for and sit official examinations in a variety of subjects.

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Facilities and services

Agora Andorra International School’s international boarding house is located in beautiful mountainous terrain at an altitude of 1,250 metres above sea level and just 10 minutes from the ski slopes. Boarders have access to the complete school curriculum and the house has the capacity to accommodate up to 50 students. The boarding house has a cleaning and laundry service, and room set aside for quiet study. Students eat and dine at the main school and have their breakfast and a snack at the boarding house. The house has a fantastic outdoor patio with stunning views, a basketball hoop and a barbecue, and there is a comfortable and homely communal area equipped with a television, table football, ping pong and dartboard.

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Students at the international residence are looked after by full time members of staff, who live at the house and who are available 24 hours a day. Two tutors are always on hand; one who is in charge of academic performance and another who is responsible for pastoral care.


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