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Book a visit and discover more about Agora International School Andorra, a school that stands for educational innovation, academic excellence and personalised attention to the needs of every student under our care. You will be able to find out about the school, in person or online, with a personalized meeting with a member of the Leadership Team and Coordinators, the Stage Coordinators and the rest of the school team. Book your appointment and let us tell you all about our education project and answer all your questions. We look forward to meeting you!

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School and boarding in Andorra

The boarding of Agora International School Andorra allows personal development in an international environment while enjoying the benefits of studying in Andorra. An innovative educational programme, based on internationalization and promoting the values of respect, coexistence and commitment to the community.

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Agora International School Andorra

Agora International School Andorra

Agora International School Andorra is noted for its innovative curriculum and international outlook, focussing on full immersion in various languages and achieving excellent academic standards. We have first-rate boarding facilities allowing us to welcome children from all over the world. Our three working languages are English, Spanish and French, which are spoken at every stage of the curriculum and classes in Catalan, Andorra’s official language, are also taught from Early Years onwards. Our students can obtain the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program (DP), a prestigious degree recognized by the world’s leading universities.

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The School Site

Agora International School Andorra is located in the village of L’Aldosa, in the parish of La Massana, in beautiful surroundings at an altitude of 1,250 m above sea level and only 10 minutes from Andorra’s excellent ski slopes. The school site measures in excess of 7,000 m², with various areas designated for academic study, social and recreational activities, classrooms, a dining room, swimming pool, dance studio, and extensive sporting facilities and outdoor areas. Our international boarding house enables students from all over the world to study at Agora International School Andorra and comprises a three-storey building accommodating 50 students. Borders share rooms and the house incorporates two communal/recreational areas, a dining room, a study and all the services necessary to make our residential students’ lives happy and comfortable.

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Practice fine motor skills

As time goes by, children will acquire skills, the result of their development, which will allow them to adapt as much as possible to this world and become totally independent of their attachments. We are talking about mental skills, but also physical ones: they will learn to eat on their own, to walk, to grasp […]

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How to prepare for back to school?

The 2021-2022 academic year is just around the corner. We are just a few days away from welcoming all our students to Agora International School Andorra. Now begins what is known as the ‘cost of September’ with its expenses, the return to routine after the holidays, the adaptation period, and all the new things. But […]

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The best summer sports

Sport is the best ally of children’s wellbeing. If we know for sure that sporting activity considerably improves our children’s health… Why should we invite them to stop practising it during the summer holidays? For many years, many scientific studies have shown the benefits of regular physical activity to improve the development, wellbeing and health […]

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Nature and summer: a perfect combination

Did you know that in some countries around the world doctors prescribe nature walks to treat certain conditions such as anxiety, depression or stress? This is the case in Japan where this practice is known as ‘shirin yoku’ or ‘forest bathing’. A millenary technique that advocates giving a chance to the benefits of the connection […]

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